How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Determine Your Skin Type

On the Internet, we hear a lot about the types of skin and products like facial blotter paper used for specific skin types, which can be a bit confusing. Your skin type is not your genotype or age that your parents will tell you when you are young. Your skin type can never hide; the only problem may be that you are not paying enough attention. If you think you are paying enough attention, then maybe you do not know the signs to look for.

Determining your skin type can be deceiving under certain conditions. For instance, if you are mostly in your office with great cooling systems and ventilation, then a lot of air will cover your face, and your skin will be mostly dry. Also, under certain weather conditions, your skin type may be hiding.

However, identifying your skin type is essential if you want to have great skin. With the knowledge of your skin type, you make little or no mistakes when selecting skin products. You can tell the particular ingredients in a skin product that your skin requires and the ones that the skin doesn't need. For most people, there are two main types of skin; the oily one and the dry skin type. But as against what many think, there are up to five skin types, if not more, and they include oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive, and combined skin types. While we may not be able to go into the details of each skin type, we are going to be describing how you can pinpoint the type of skin you have. Let's go!

Check your nose with a tissue

One of the most sensitive areas of your skin is the one above the nose. If your skin is oily, a lot of the oil gets stored there, and if it is not, the nose area is the easiest place to know. All you need to do is to first wash your skin correctly with water. After washing, wait for a while for the skin to return to its normal activities - you can wait for thirty minutes. After waiting, you can put a tissue on your nose and apply some pressure. If the tissue gets filled with oil, it means you have an oily type. It can also mean you have a skin type combined with oil and dry skins.

Wash your skin and feel it

The quickest way to get your skin type is to clean your skin. If you have dry skin, the skin will feel a bit tight immediately after pouring some water on the skin. But when you have an oily skin type, pouring water on the skin deceives your skin type. At first, it makes you feel so clean, not until the skin pores start to produce the oils again. If you feel the clean feeling after washing your face, you most likely have oily skin.

Visit an expert

The most reliable way to know your skin type is to ask a dermatologist. They have the experience and know the required tests to carry out to ascertain your skin.


Not knowing your skin type is not a terrible thing to do. You can check this article to see how you can get your skin type.