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Hajime Hinata: One person; Different Appearances

by Drake

How people who love anime understand the different storylines, names, nicknames, and characters of each anime is impressive. But we guess that’s why we’re anime lovers anyway! An ultimately mind-blowing series is the Danganronpa. Danganronpa started as a video game (that’s what many think), and we trust as many video gamers in the world to enjoy this game. If you heard about Danganronpa as a video game, you’re exactly wrong – but you’re mistaken if you think that’s the starting point. When Danganronpa was to begin, it started as a novel from Kazutaka Kodaka. The light book was produced in 2011, and it had almost all the characters in the story featured. 

One of the main characters in the novel and, of course, the video game was  Hajime Hinata. Hajime Hinata, also known as Izuru Kamukura, had multiple characters across all Danganronpa manga series. In the novel, he was a high school student with odd characters, and his personality and decision caused genocide. In the game, Hajime Hinata had a different nature. He was a high school student, but this time, he couldn’t remember anything that had happened in the past. With this disability, he was given the task of investigating a murder case. The case had high school students involved. Hajime made a third appearance in the series as a human. In this manga series, he was widely known for his volunteering to be a silent human. Let’s take a closer look at each of the different personalities of Izuru. 

In the novel

In the novel, Hajime Hinata mainly was referred to as Izuru, and the first appearance in the story was when the detective was to watch him closely. He was suspected to be the brains behind the tragic event that killed hundreds of high school students. Also, the novel makes us believe that Hajime Hinata was an ally with Junko Enoshima – the initial antagonist in the book. Along the storyline, a character, Yasuke Matsuda, took on the Hajime character as a decoy. With the fake character, he murders Kamishiro to protect Hajime. After this murder, the real Hajime started appearing back in the story. 

In the video game

In the game, Hajime Hinata was the common name used as against Izuru in the novel. This time around, he was a student of Hope’s Peak Academy. He met himself there and had no memories of past events. The academy is a school of skulls, but since Hajime had no memory, he didn’t know his skill. In the game, Hajime was saddled with the responsibility of revealing a murder case alongside his classmates. With his sharp investigative skills, Hajime was able to find each murderer. After that, he found out the disloyal member of their group with the same abilities.

In the Manga Series

Surprisingly, in the manga anime series, Hajime Hinata didn’t have a bulk load of talents, and this caused low self-esteem. He had a friend who tried to help, but Hajime wasn’t having any of it. He went ahead to find power and became Izuru Kamukura. Two people tried killing him, but he was more intelligent and in the end, they were attracted to his skills. 


Hajime Hinata or Izuru Kamakura is a character with a different storyline, as explained in this guide. However, these three characters are unique ones, and the fans widely loved them. 

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