Factors To Consider When Choosing Shirts

Factors To Consider When Choosing Shirts

Shirts are essential pieces in any wardrobe. They come as a suit part or singly if they were bought separately. They can be casual or formal based on how you choose to style them. Buying them can be challenging since there are many designs to choose from. Some are plain, colored, or checked. You can also find patterned, or pocketed shirts in stores meaning all kinds are available, and what you choose is dependent on you. In this extract, we outline factors to consider when selecting shirts.

How to shop for shirts

People make many mistakes when buying clothes and end up giving them away or returning them to the seller for an exchange. Good fitting clothes enhance your confidence and overall appearance. Below are tips for shopping right.

1.      Know the shirt you want and its features

When you identify the one you'd like, it is easy to decide the features you want on it. If you are pairing it with slim pants, it's advisable to buy something fitting. Unlike other clothes where a baggy piece works well with a slim fit, suits are different. However, some people prefer slightly large suits meaning the shirt isn't fitting. After selecting the fit, choose the features. Some have pleats at the back or wrist area, while others have pockets. Go for what attracts you and matches your style.

2.      Know your body type

Like women, men have varying body types. Some have broader chests than others, meaning they'll need more oversized shirts. Those with smaller chests wear small pieces. Typically, the sizes range from large, medium, and small. Despite the wide range, some men don't fit into the standard sizes. For such, you can have some tailored for you. Also, you can note down your measurements and use them to find a suitable garment for your size. The most critical areas to measure are the neck, chest, arm length and width, and waist.

3.      Choose the best shirt fabric

Material choices in the market are several, with different thread counts. Some fabrics are heavier than others meaning, there are those meant for cold seasons and hot seasons. Your style influences the kind of piece you get. Also, the time of the year you are buying the piece impacts the materials you choose. Cotton fabrics are among the best as they look and feel nice. Stay away from synthetic materials like polyester. They look good when new but change with time. They become shiny when iron, making them appear cheap and have poor breathability.

4.      Check the shirt's collar

Picking one collar style is overwhelming since there are many. Examples of trendy collars are the English spread, cutaways, and spread collars. Since trends come and go, choosing the semi-spread collar is safe if you are torn between all types. The shape of the collar meets the eye first and tends to reveal your style more.

Final word

The tips above will help you make the best selection when buying shirts. Applying them ensures you have a good shopping experience no matter the many styles in the market. Also, consider your style and personal preference since you'll be the one wearing the clothing piece. You can always tag someone along to assist with the shopping or involve the store seller for more guidance.